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Natural Plant Extract Combretum Quadrangulare Extract Sakae Naa Extract
  • Natural Plant Extract Combretum Quadrangulare Extract Sakae Naa Extract

Natural Plant Extract Combretum Quadrangulare Extract Sakae Naa Extract

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Herblink
Certification ISO/Kosher
Model Number HL-75
Product Details
Product Name:
Combretum Quadrangulare Extract Sakae Naa Extract
Latin Name:
Combretum Quadrangulare
Particle Size:
100% Pass 80 Mesh
Shelf Life:
2 Years
Cool Dried Storage
1kg/ Bag 25kg/drum
High Light: 

Herblink 100% Pass 80 Mesh Natural Plant Extract


Herblink Natural Plant Extract 100% Pass 80 Mesh


Herblink Natural Plant Extracts 100% Pass 80 Mesh

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
1kg/bag,5kg/bag,or 25kg/paper drum or carton, or as your requirment.
Delivery Time
5-8 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
1000 Kilogram
Product Description

Natural Plant Extract Combretum Quadrangulare Extract Sakae Naa Extract

Products Description

Product Name:
Sakae NAA Extract Powder
Botanical Source:
Combretum Quadrangulare
Extract Ratio: 5:1, 10:1, 20:1
Brown yellow Powder
Shelf Life:
3 years
5kg/Paper drum with two plasic bags inside; 10kg/Paper drum with two plasic bags inside; 1-5kg/Al.foil bag with carton outside
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What is Combretum Quadrangulare Extract Sakae Naa Extract?

Combretum alfredii Hance is an erect or climbing shrub of the genus Combretum alfredii Hance.About 5 meters high, branchlets nearly square, with longitudinal grooves; leaves opposite or nearly opposite, long elliptic or broadly lanceolate, sparsely elliptic obovate or ovate; spikes axillary and terminal or form panicles;Fruit oval, covered with yellow or orange-yellow scales; seeds spindle-shaped; flowering period from May to August; fruiting period begins in September.

Windmills are distributed in Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places in China, and often grow in riversides and valleys at an altitude of 200-800 meters.[5] It likes high temperature and high humidity climate. It must be warm in winter and sheltered from wind for overwintering. Sandy loam soil with good drainage is suitable for cultivation.The general method of propagation is by seed or cuttings.

The roots and leaves of Pinchezi can be used as medicine. It tastes sweet, light, slightly bitter, and flat in nature. The roots have the effects of clearing away heat and promoting gallbladder, and the leaves have the effects of repelling insects. The roots can be used to treat symptoms such as jaundice hepatitis, and the leaves can be used to treat roundworms.disease, whipworm disease and other symptoms, external use of fresh leaves can treat burns and scalds.[7] Pinwheel tubers are rich in starch and can be eaten.[9] Its dense branches and leaves can also be used to beautify garden shade sheds and green corridors.

What is the function of Cissus Extract?

Fengchezi, also known as Huafengchezi, is the root or leaf of the gentleman plant Huafengchezi.Fengchezi is slightly bitter in taste and slightly warm in nature, enters the stomach and gallbladder meridian, and has the effects of clearing away heat and promoting gallbladder, invigorating the stomach and expelling insects.
1. Clearing away heat and promoting gallbladder. Fengchezi has a slightly bitter taste. In traditional Chinese medicine, bitter medicines are believed to have the effect of clearing away heat, so Fengchezi clears away heat.It belongs to the gallbladder meridian and has the effect of benefiting the gallbladder. It can usually be used for jaundice embolism caused by stagnant heat in the gallbladder.

2. Invigorating the stomach and deworming Pinchezi is slightly warm in nature and returns to the stomach meridian. It has the effect of strengthening the stomach and deworming, and can be used to relieve stomach distension caused by ascariasis.It is not suitable to eat together 1. Chili pepper itself will cause abnormal gastrointestinal peristalsis, especially hinder the absorption of drugs by the human body and reduce the curative effect, so Fengchezi should not be eaten with chili pepper.


Q1: How to confirm the product quality before placing the order?

A: Free sample could be provided, and we have the inspection report issued by anauthoritative third-party testing agency

Q2: What's your MOQ?

A: For the high value product, our MOQ starts from 10g. For other low value product,our MOQ starts from 100g and 1kg.

Q3:OEM/ODM Available?

A:we can supply capsulestablets,sprays,granulations and variety specificationextract product.

Q4: How about delivery time?

A: After payment 3-5 work days.

Q5: How to make order&payment?

A: PI we will send to you. Or you can order via Alibaba trade assurance. (We canaccept payment by T/T,Western Union, Escrow, Paypal, L/C)

Q6: Do you provide after sales service?

A: 24*7 services is for you.




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